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Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is about considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria when making investment decisions. These extra‑financial aspects complement traditional financial analysis and portfolio construction techniques.


measure dimensions such as: environmental preservation, climate change mitigation, reduction of carbon footprint or greenhouse gases, biodiversity preservation, increasing energy efficiency, combating water and air pollution, combating deforestation.


measure the respect of human values such as: equality, diversity and inclusion, education and training, respect for human rights, fair and equitable labour relations, prohibition of child labour, development of local communities.


help to ensure sound organisational rules in public and private organisations such as: diversity on boards of directors, guidelines for executive remuneration, transparency of information, employee relations, traceability in the supply chain, fight against corruption.

We cannot diversify away from our exposure to the planet. In that sense climate change is the ultimate systemic risk.

Andrew Bailey

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